What do you think of Obama's pick of Joe Biden for VP?,

Leslie B. 232°

Greenpeace did a backgrounder on all the possible Obama VP picks and here is what they had to say about Biden:

Delaware Senator Joseph Biden

Climate Crisis

• Biden is a cosponsor of the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act, which would reduce climate pollution 80 percent by 2050, the level scientists say is necessary to avoid climate catastrophe.

• Biden favors a cap, auction and trade system for greenhouse gases and wants to use the proceeds to support large-scale development of clean energy resources.


• Biden has supported protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, America’s Serengeti.

• Biden has opposed drilling off America’s fragile coasts.


• Biden opposes the construction of new coal-fired power plants that don’t capture and store their greenhouse gas emissions. However, he has supported exporting carbon capture technology to countries like China.

• Biden has opposed subsidies to coal companies for turning coal into an automotive fuel, an energy-intensive process that would produce up to double the global warming pollution of regular oil.


• Biden has opposed increased subsidies for nuclear power, although he believes nuclear could play a role in the future energy supply.

• Biden has recognized some of the safety problems with nuclear energy and has called for tougher oversight of the government’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Clean Energy & Efficiency

• Biden is a co-sponsor (with Senator Obama) of the Fuel Economy Reform Act, which would raise fuel efficiency standards to 40 mpg by 2017, reducing greenhouse gases significantly and save drivers over $1 trillion.

• Biden supports a Clean Energy Standard that would require utilities to produce 20 percent of their electricity from clean sources like wind, solar, and geothermal power by 2020.

LCV Score

• In 2006, Biden had a lifetime score of 84 from the League of Conservation Voters.

Additional Resources

Grist.org environemental profile and interview of Joe Biden: http://www.grist.org/feature/2007/08/29/biden_f...

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Charles M. 110°

Anybody that makes promises for 2050 is talking absolute crap.
They know they won't be in power then (most likely not even alive) and will not have to be held accountable or produce any measurable results during their term.

Relative to many other countries, USA has had a pretty bland presidential history: an endless chain of boring old white guys. A lot of Americans will have an issue voting for a black guy and having a familiar boring white guy on the stage will go some way to appeasing that. If Clinton had won the ticket, then the same for her: there would have had to have been a familiar boring white guy to make a balanced ticket.

Written in September 2008

John P. 199°

I have to say that I really like Joe Biden, from what I've seen of him. He seems like a real scrapper. Just what the Democratic party needs.

He seems to get the point when it comes to Global Warming and he's well informed about foreign affairs.

Does anyone know when the Vice Presidential debates are coming up? They should be interesting, to say the least?

Written in September 2008

Leslie B. 232°

I like Biden, too. I just hope they don't get thrown by Caribou Barbie's "likability". Let Joe be Joe and take her down on her lack of intellect.

One of my favorite Joe Biden lines of all time: The only thing Rudy Giuliani can put in a sentence is a noun, a verb and 9/11.

Written in September 2008

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