A year back: Philippine’s Heartfelt for Japan ,

Julia D. 15°

One year had passed since the Great East Japan Twin Natural Disaster, causing severe loss and damage on lives, properties, livelihood and infrastructure. The Japanese people might ever wonder how the neighboring country felt for the Great Nation.

Few hours after the quake and tsunami, the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III expressed condolences and followed by the nations vigil prayers for Japan.

“We received a lot of help from Japan.We do not have much in return to give but our heartfelt wish for Japan to overcome the devastation”, a resident from Payatas, Quezon City said. The Japan International Cooperation Agency has ongoing grassroots projects in Payatas Dumpsite.

As a close friend and neighbor for, Japan has constantly stood for the Philippines, in uplifting the poverty conditions of vast numbers of Filipinos.

Would the Philippines heartfelt Prayer be enough for Japan?

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Julia D. 15°

Mr. Daniel, thank you for your sympathy

Written in April 2012

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