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Advanced biofuels becoming reality with Novozymes’ new enzyme technology, Cellic CTec3, decreases costs and increases yields in production of advanced biofuels from agricultural residues and waste.

The enzyme enables cost-efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol and performs 1.5 times better than Novozymes’ previous market-leading product, Cellic CTec2. Using Cellic CTec3, biofuel producers need only one-fifth of the enzyme dose compared to competing enzymes.

Highly effective, it takes only 50 kg of Cellic CTec3 to make 1 ton of ethanol from biomass. By comparison, it requires at least 250 kg of a competing enzyme product to make the same amount of ethanol.

Dead more from Novozymes release (Feb 22, 2012) at

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Here is an overview of where the first large-scale advanced biofuel plants are being built worldwide

Written in February 2012

This is an exicting development in Alternative Energy! Michael -

Written in March 2012

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Hi Michael Scott, same here. There are more files that show how to find your plant's sweet spot at

Written in March 2012

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More biofuel info available at

Written in March 2012

An interesting report indeed.
Agrion is hosting an upcoming event entitled, Macrotrends in Critical Resources & Vital Energy Assets: Making Money and Leaving a Legacy on April 17, 2012 in New York City. Together with a panel of experts, audience members will participate in a lively discussion on the subject. Check it out here:

Written in March 2012

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This is A Power Plant

Written in March 2012

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Anyone read of this? Charcoal Kills 2 Million People & Vast Swaths of Forest Every Year. Can Biofuel Stop the Carnage?

Written in May 2012

Biofuels are really eco friendly for the environment and such energy is very efficient also too.

Written in August 2012

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