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Steve N. 15°

The little known fact about steel (tin) can recycling that could make a big difference. Who among you would like to help save a million trees a year? What if I told you that saving those million trees could also eliminate the CO2 from 10,000 average American cars? Do I have your attention?

The good news is that both of these goals are easily achievable with a tiny little addition to your recycling routine. The bad news is, hardly anybody knows about it.

We are talking about what happens to the labels from steel (tin) cans. Americans recycle 65% of the 30 Billion cans used every year. That’s nearly 20 Billion cans being recycled and that’s pretty good. The problem is that when a can is recycled with the label attached, it is destroyed in the process of recycling the metal.

You can use a knife or scissor to remove labels, but that can be dangerous. I invented a little product called the Label Popper that you can check out at

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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Chris L. 15°

I appreciate the insight into the number of paper labels being disposed of every year. I honestly hadn't ever really thought about taking the labels off of every can, jug, etc. I will definitely start doing that, but I would have a hard time spending $7.50 on something like this. I could easily use a pair of scissors, the knife I always have in my pocket, a kitchen knife, etc to do the same thing. I hate knocking down products, but I fail to see a viable market, especially at that price point. Best of luck though!

Written in February 2012

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