New book "Carbon markets or climate finance?",

Axel M.

I would like to announce the book “Carbon markets or climate finance“? (editor Axel Michaelowa) just released by Routledge.

The book assesses the challenges of climate finance in the context of the post-Copenhagen negotiations and compares financing based on market mechanisms to public finance vehicles. This is done through evaluation of experiences with the CDM and the Adaptation Fund, as well as development assistance. It provides a long-term outlook of how climate finance in developing countries could develop, both through markets and innovative instruments such as dedicated bonds or levies on novel technologies.

The book contains the following chapters

1. The Clean Development Mechanism gold rush (Axel Michaelowa and Jorund Buen), p. 1-38

2. Development co-operation and climate change: Political-economic determinants of adaptation aid (Katharina and Axel Michaelowa), p. 39-52

3. How Brazil and China have financed industry development and energy security initiatives that support mitigation objectives (Jorund Buen and Paula Castro), p. 53-91

4. The Adaptation Fund: Towards resilient economies in the developing world (Izabela Ratajczak-Juszko), p. 92-116

5. Fast-start finance - Scattered governance, information and programmes (Martin Stadelmann, Jessica Brown and Lena Hörnlein), p. 117-145

6. New market mechanisms for mitigation - Getting the incentives right (Sonja Butzengeiger, Björn Dransfeld, Martin Cames, Axel Michaelowa and Sean Healy), p. 146-167

7. Mobilising mitigation policies in the South through a financing mix (Daisuke Hayashi and Stefan Wehner), p. 168-187

8. Market mechanisms for adaptation - an aberration or a key source of finance? (Axel Michaelowa, Michel Köhler and Sonja Butzengeiger), p. 188-208

9. Harnessing the financial markets to leverage low carbon technology diffusion (Katie Sullivan), p. 209-221

10. Climate finance and backstop technologies (Sonja Butzengeiger and Axel Michaelowa), p. 222-254

11. Manouvering climate finance around the pitfalls - Finding the right policy mix (Axel Michaelowa), p. 255-265

A 20% discount on the cover price can be obtained by ordering the book through using the discount code CMCF11 (valid until end of March).

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