Lime: Water Purification?,

Sora E. 10°

Last summer, I went on a trip to Haiti that changed my life in many ways: one of them was giving me a passion for providing water to the developing world.

Last month, I went on a cruise to Bermuda (my parents made me, I swear!), which didn't change my life at all...but at least it gave me an idea.

In Bermuda, the only source of fresh water is rainfall, so all the roofs are designed to collect the water that falls on them and feed it into a tank. Our guide explained to us that, traditionally, the white roofs are coated with lime-wash, which apparently purifies the water.

An old post on this site mentioned that lime does this because it absorbs carbon dioxide, which then undergoes a chemical reaction that produces water. Now, I am a high school sophomore, so although I'm pretty sure I have the gist of it, I'd love to hear any other input from you guys, who seem pretty experienced in these matters.

Thanks for being so nice to the newbie!

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'VERY NICE' seeing people with geniune interest in our planet & Humanity's Wellbeing!
Water purification is an extremely IMPORTANT part of our VERY EXISTANCE - I am delighted to show you the LATEST TECHNOLOGY in water purification for EVERYONE - , which also has the POWER to assist those much less fortunate than ourselves. Michael

Written in November 2011

Nick G. 297°

I am aware of lime being used/ proposed to be used as a component for a whole range of clean-up/ climate change solutions. I think the key message here is that a lot of what we need already is more about creating the economic urgency to get the solutions implemented. Economics will pull through a whole field of new technologies BUT people have to realise that they will have to pay more - water/ food et al will have to increase in price - because as it is they are unsustainable!

Written in November 2011

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