Living green is easy or it is our habitual laziness which avoids us to do so?,

I think our lazy habit also sometimes avoid us to do something green for example as almost all have knowledge that plastic bags are harming but we instead of purchasing in paper bags we in hurry take our utensils in plastic bags.
In mostly third world countries mostly people have no idea how to live green and even they lack information of going green, here awareness play important role.

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Lisa H. 80°

Definitely laziness and I also believe a lot of people have a pre-conceived notion that green products are more expensive.....

Written in August 2011

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Hi saria! This informative site is not a joke or an entertainment site for writing a joke, pl. Give your participation in healthy way not by uploading ID of web addresses for just publicity. Its better if you have nothing in mind about topic don’t try to share.thnx

Written in August 2011

There is no cure for laziness but a large family helps. ~Herbert Prochnov
so we tried our best to overcome this habit but most important of all law n regulation authorities if play active role then practice would be easy for all.

Written in August 2011

Personally, laziness is a major preventative from being green. That being said, if there is trash can for recycleables and I'm holding an empty bottle, I'll recycle it. So green is what happens when laziness meets opportunity. For instance...this morning when making lunch to take to work, I knew I had a dirty tupperware container in my car. However, my roommate has ziplock bags. Do I run to the car, clean out crusted hummus, and THEN fill said container with food? Nope. Because I did not have the opportunity of tupperware, I was not kind to the earth this morning.

Written in September 2011

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Thanks Chelsea and Joe G for nice respond and better discussion, your points are really valid theses all are part of our habits and I think law and regulations here have to pay important role, if they seriously fined people for causing of pollution then thing might be under control.

Written in September 2011

AWARENESS is always the 1st KEY to CHANGE!
Michael -

Written in November 2011

Liu Y.

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Written in November 2011

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