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Nick G. 297°

I am always quite amazed by California and in particular the Bay Area - one of the unique places in the World that actually puts actions in behind the words.

After travelling massively over the last two months through the USA/ UK/ Switzerland/ Japan - San Francisco stands out as a place where the simple things are actually happening.....some examples....

* Storeperson asking whether you want a bag or a box for the new shoes you've just bought.

* The Farmers Market at the Ferry Building only using brown paper bags - no plastic

* Even Investment bankers who catch the bus to work....

* Of course in addition the State supporting some large solar farm projects....promoting sustainable housing.....and bio-fuels

You'd almost think that the carbon economy was mainstream? Pity that the bulk of the rest of the country struggles with all this

Perhaps the fiction is starting to become the reality?


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B. Clay

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Written in September 2011

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