Which vehicle manufacturer creates the greenest vehicles?,

Matthew W. 471°

I'm looking to buy a new car right now, and an unsure about which to go for - especially as it's so tough filtering out truth from 'greenwash'. Can anyone help? And does anyone know where I can find them?

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Hi Matthew. You could buy a diesel (preferably direct injection) and then convert it to run on Biodiesel for $3,000. check out www.envirocar.co.nz/ They are a Wellington company that also collect vege oil from restaurants and sell it at as biodiesel for 89c plus gst litre . You need a tank at home but that means no more service station queues. They deliver to your house but when away you can use normal diesel. Not sure which car comopany is greenest but will help if not using fossil fuel. Rgds Rich

Written in June 2008

Russ M. 130°

For a "regular" motor you could check out http://www.rightcar.govt.nz/ analysis, comparisons etc

Written in June 2008

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