How do you motivate lazy environmentalist to save energy?,

James Y. 20°

That was the question I asked myself a year ago. After doing some research I found out that all the campaigns, groups, and web sites that deal with climate change, intentionally or unintentionally, target only staunch environmentalists and activists. Two reasons for this are that the tasks they recommend people do are time-consuming and difficult, or they provide “easy” green habits, but they are fogged by the complex ones that take too much time for lazy environmentalists to decipher all the information and sort out the tasks they are willing to do.

So after a year of hard work I developed Lazy Green, an iPhone game app that helps lazy environmentalists save energy by raising animals threatened by climate change (sea turtle, lion, polar bear, penguin, hummingbird).


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James Y. 20°

Thank you :)
You're definitely right on that all of us are responsible. That is why I assumed the majority of the population in the world are lazy environmentalist, and thought that if they did a few things differently in their lives that would make a huge impact. Hope everybody joins the effort.

Written in April 2011

Vicki B. 75°

Love the Iphone ap

Written in April 2011

James Y. 20°

Than you Judy :)

Written in April 2011

Agree with discussion above, motivating humanity to 'take control' of their Energy Production & Efficiency, NEEDS to be kept as it should be SIMPLE!
Michael -

Written in June 2011

How could a game about an animal help an actual animal?

Written in September 2011

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James Y. 20°

The game encourages lazy environmentalists to save energy in real life by doing the tasks and logging them in the game. The animals that you raise in the game are the ones that are threatened by climate change in real life. So you save energy and you lessen the effects of climate change and help actual animals. I know it's helping them indirectly and it needs a lot of participation from people but we've got to start somewhere. Especially if you're targeting lazy environmentalists we can't ask them to do time consuming tasks. First, baby steps.

Written in September 2011

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