Does anyone know where you can actually source serious numbers of electric cars ?, 17°

Ping S.

I know California killed them , and I know the dinky little Norwegian one , but are there serious numbers of electric vehicles available from anyone , anywhere . Like real cars, not golf carts

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Didn't New Zealand recently announce electric vehicles? They will have done research on that if you can find someone down under who's part of that thing, Ping. Good luck!

Written in June 2008

Tom O.

The problem with electric cars is range and speed. People prefer cars that go about a week's worth of commuting w/o refilling and can accellerate from 0 to 60 in 6-10 seconds. The battery technology isn't quite there yet. That's what's really "killed" the electric car every time it's been tried by the major automakers. There just aren't enough Ed Begley's out there to sustain the market with the current generation of electric cars.

Most electric car makers churn out 2-3 cars a day at most but probably can ramp that up if/when the battery problem is solved. It's all a function of demand.

Written in June 2008

Ping S.

Yep...New Zealand is very keen to electrify its vehicle fleet , but the really hard bit is finding them .. As far as I can see they are just not available in commercial quantities...thats why I was keen to see if anyone knew otherwise

Written in June 2008

Charles M. 110°

Christchurch has a fleet of free-to-ride electric buses.

Perhaps contacting them might be a good idea.

Further to what Tom said. Do people really only want to fill up once a week and really want 0 to 60 in 6 seconds? I'm generally not into conspiracy theories, but that does seem to be what the vehicle companies **say** people want rather than what the people actually want. After all, the motor vehicle companies have a lot of money invested in factories, machinery etc and don't really want to change.

If I could hook up a car in 5-15 seconds every night then that would do me fine, particularly if the alternative is $5 gas.

Perhaps the pluggable hybrids will be good crossover vehicles. You can run them on rechargeable battery only for short trips then stoke up the regular hybrid mode for longer trips.

Regular hybrid vehicles don't hold much appeal for me (though I can understand that there are a lot of hybrid fans out there). Small diesel cars can be just as efficient. A pluggable hybrid would appeal though as it gives that flexibility to use electricity or gas.

Written in July 2008

Gail S. 20°

The City Shuttle in Christchurch is what Charles is referring to , made by DesignLine in Ashburton . They are a clever company and its very cool , It's a free bus that runs around the central city . But they don't make cars yet -unfortunately .

Written in July 2008

Find yourself a 2004 Toyota Prius and contact CALCARS in California. Find out if anyone near you can install a kit in the engine that substitutes the hybrid gas/electric engine with a lithium ion battery. I understand they get 125 miles to the charge and do 65 miles/hour.

Written in July 2008

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