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Lynn K. 20°

Hello everyone,

My name is Lynn, and I am a community manager reaching out to your on behalf of Ford Motor Company. I hope that it's okay that, that I wanted to add this thread to the forum to let everyone know that Ford is running a video submission contest in which winners get a trip to Spain to test out the new Ford Focus and the opportunity to choose a charity they’d like to receive $10,000.

If there’s a charity you support, and you wouldn't mind talking about for two minutes, you should enter! It’s all being done on Facebook, you can find more information and submit here:

Please let me know if anyone has any questions.



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Nick G. 297°

This is a great idea and initiative by Ford

Written in December 2010

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Lynn K. 20°

Hello Nick, thank you for your enthusiasm for the Ford Focus "Start Something More" campaign. Are you considering creating a video? Or, do you know of anyone else that wouldn't mind spending 2 minutes on camera to advocate on behalf of climate change? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Linda, thanks for your message. What drives you to be a part of Celsias? You can find me on Twitter @LynnKoves.

Make it a great day ;)


Written in December 2010

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Hi lynn K check my blog out and feel free to comment on it as I am sure this can power most all Ford electric cars along the East Coast of the good ole USA!

Written in December 2010

Hi Lynn,
Its nice to know that Ford is running a video contest. will it be okay to send some of our extension activities conducted regarding agriculture specifically food production with emphasis on soil and water conservation.


Written in January 2011

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