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Interesting Reading from The Washington Post on11/14/10 that was reposted on http://wihresourcegroup.wordpress.com/
In the global-warming debate, scientists are, admirably, still trying to save the day. Last week, the American Geophysical Union announced plans to mobilize about 700 climate scientists in an effort to improve the accuracy of media coverage and public understanding of their field. Separately, a smaller group of scientists organized by John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota said it was putting together a “rapid response team” to bring accurate climate science to public debates. on the decline, along with their view of the need for immediate action to slow climate change. And it’s true that science education, when done well, may help accomplish these goals.

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Lyly L.

Such a very amazing link!

Written in November 2010

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Written in November 2010

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Written in November 2010

Definitely, it is such a sufficient experiment about climate deniers . Due to this experiments, there may few changes in Climate system . which will very useful for people scientist .

Written in November 2010

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