Masters in renewable energy, sustainability?,

Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping some of you might have some good suggestions for me.

I have two bachelor degrees. One in business, and another in applied computer science. Since 1995, I've worked in IT. Mostly Oracle databases. Lots of contracts, and layoffs.

I keep trying to do more with my career. The other year, I passed CFA Level 1. But In retrospect, there are not many jobs advertised for techs with CFA.

I really like renewable energy. At night, I read about renewables a lot. Last year I went to the big conferences for wind, solar, electric cars, energy management, advanced technology, and one Oracle conference.

I’m debating taking a masters with a concentration in renewable energy, or sustainability. Questions:

What are the good masters programs in sustainability/renewable energy, in the USA or Canada?

But I have some bigger concerns.

A lot of the renewable energy jobs like electrical or mechanical engineering backgrounds. Given that I don't have this, is it realistic to pursue a masters?

What kind of jobs have graduates gone on to do?

Given my background, can anyone think of another route into renewables?

Thanks a lot!

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Demmie T. 15°

Americans are in desperate need of money since the economic downturn. They’ll look anywhere to get it. They're even reaching for those so-called "jobs Americans won't do," reports the Wall Street Journal. Day labor, once considered to be the almost-exclusive domain of undocumented workers, is now on the rise among former white-collar employees, male and female. Reports indicate crowds of aspiring day laborers waiting on street corners for jobs are increasingly non-Latino.

Written in September 2010

Everyone should take it's own part and do
Fe producing in their own country to minimise costs and km. Many companies already do so, fe:
there is still a lot more to do though.

Written in April 2011

Renewable Energy is our FUTURE! Michael -

Written in April 2012

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