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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) August 24, 2010 - Green Real Estate Education has been working with the Green Business League to create green education courses online. We expect these online courses to spread like wildfire through universities, colleges, workforce programs, and adult education programs. These courses are now expanding in the southwest region of the United States.

Projects are not as plentiful as other parts of the country but that will change as Green Real Estate Education courses are going to be offered in Oklahoma City. The company has hired a Regional Director in Oklahoma that will handle expansion in Oklahoma and Texas.

"In the fall, we will have 15 courses in 150 colleges nationwide available. We offer the most cost effective "fast track" green training for job creation for the workforce." Says Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Real Estate Education.

The courses the company offers fills a gap for much needed green education for workforce and adult education, in colleges and vo-tech centers. With training in recycling, waste management, sustainability, green building, renovating green, the courses feature the benefits of implementing green principles into the marketplace.

Green Real Estate Education also is the leader for "green educational" programs in the United States for those in professions in service to the real estate industry. Mitchell Says. "Many of our programs include a certification and are recognized by state and national organizations and many grant continuing education credits but they are really for all who have an interest in green building, understanding energy ratings, saving on utility bills or in sustainable construction techniques in either building new or in renovating existing structures. They deliver courses on line and in a classroom setting.

Some of the courses offer CE credits or are for those who just want to earn a green designation to market. Many have a curiosity of what "green building" is and how it will impact the building careers. Green Real Estate Education can deliver their courses for CSR, Waste Management, Sustainability Planning, Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Professional courses on line and can all be taken 24/7.

Green Real Estate Education, established in 2006, has educated 6,500 and continues to grow and is on target to educate more than 10,000 professionals in going green by 2011. The company offers their certification programs on site, on line and in webinar formats. Green Real Estate Education welcomes other online affiliate partner opportunities to expand awareness of green training and their Level One Green Leadership certification programs. For more information, visit


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