Obama Commits To Climate Change ,

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has committed himself in Berlin today to stand as one on Climate Change and he said he wants to save the planet. www.lamarguerite.wordpress.com . The comments on this blog echo my thoughts. What is the plan for weaning us off our dependence on oil and will car manufacturers start making vehicles that use alternative fuels? How does that dove-tail in with his plans for the middle-east?The world community needs to know what is Barack Obama's plan.
Andy Grove of Harvard Business School and former head of Intel Corp is unimpressed with the energy policies of the leading presidential candidates, Republican Senator John McCain and Barack Obama. Grove maintains the most important issue is getting away from the dependence on oil, not moving to renewable energy by 2018, as recommended by Al Gore which `is addressing the second most important problem,'' Grove said.
Carmakers should adopt open-source policies to share technology and commit to honoring warranties when consumers do such modifications. Grove says he is encouraged by conversions of pickups and other autos that have been done by individuals and small shops for years. Batteries and motors are installed to add all- electric range and reduce vehicle's gasoline use.
``I would love to give a lot of light and limelight to these people who have been doing this in their garages because there are a lot of them,'' Grove said. ``This is how the computer industry became a very large industry.'' www.bloomberg.com
Grove is calling for the U.S. to offer tax credits or interest-free loans to retrofit vehicles. Grove maintains, “All these objections are absolutely valid in a peace state,'' said Grove, such as high costs, a lack of batteries sturdy enough for daily use, no recharging infrastructure, and harmful environmental effects if coal-fired plants are the main energy source are not valid in these times.
In Silicon Valley, Grove is prodding venture capitalists to fund electric vehicle technologies and he is aiming to tap the entrepreneurial drive that led the region to dominate software and Internet businesses.

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Written in July 2008

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