Marketing Renewable Energy Products in a deep recession,

Chris T. 15°

I have owned & operated a Renewable Energy company marketing PV Solar, Residential-sized Wind Turbines, Solar water-heaters, and Ground Source Heat-Pumps for the past two (2) years. The first year went better than I anticipated and I made a fair profit. This second year has gone slightly better, but I have been a bit disappointed because my company is much, much more well-known now and in spite of this I have not done nearly as much business as one would have expected. Sadly, in spite of all the Obama administrations rhetoric, they have actually done very little to offer our citizens any incentive to begin using other means for accessing their electricity needs. This 30% "tax rebate" is an absolute joke. Most of the people who are interested in changing to Renewable Energy do no pay any federal income tax to begin with, so there really isn't any incentive. I have noticed one very strange phenomena. The people who want to use Renewable Energy are the ones who are least able to afford to do it, while the ones who have the financial means to change completely disregard the matter. Unfortunately, the only way I see to get the right people involved in the use of Renewable Energy is to put a very heavy burden on the ones who are least able to afford it because this is the only way we will be able to convince the more wealthy people to get busy and change their way of thinking. The only thing they truly understand is dollars and cents. If the utility companies really made it difficult for the upper income families to meet their light bills every month we would suddenly see a very dramatic change in everyone's attitude. So, the fact of the matter is simply this folks. If we're really going to save our Mother Earth from the horrible abuse that has been going on for far too long, we are going to have to make fossil fuel generated electricity so expensive that people will simply not have any other choice but to look for other alternatives. It's so sad, yet so true. Chris Thompson, CEO--RETNEK, LLC

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