Tesla Motors is there to secure Toyota’s investment with IPO,

Tesla Motors is there to secure Toyota’s investment with IPO
Thanks to a blockbuster IPO, Tesla Motors has finally secured additional financing and investment from Toyota Motors. The Toyota Motors/Tesla Motors partnership is one of the numerous Tesla motors has developed in a quest for a mass-market, all-electric car. Is Tesla Motors going to keep floating with this excitement of an investment?

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All about Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is a company that was founded in 2003 with the goal of creating all-electric vehicles. There are currently two Tesla Motors electric cars on the market -- both more than $100,000. The goal of Tesla is to, eventually; bring an all-electric sedan to the market for less than $50,000.

Toyota's investment in Tesla

The investment that Toyota and Tesla announced a few months ago was conditional upon Tesla completing an original public offering. Now the TSLA IPO has been completed, Toyota motors will complete its investment. The now closed NUMMI plant can be purchased by Tesla Motors. Toyota is there to advice Tesla in getting a car to market.

Tesla Model S is new

The Tesla Model S should be an all-electric sedan automobile. The 300-mile range of the Tesla roadsters is the target range for the sedan. Tesla would like to sell the Model S for under $50,000, which is considered the "midrange" price point for most automobiles. Government tax credits combined with fuel cost savings are expected to add up to make this car more affordable for most buyers. By 2012, the Model S should be on the market.

Other investments are being received by Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has gotten investment from more places than just Toyota Motors. Daimler-Chrysler as well as the U.S. Government has given Tesla Motors some of their loans to help bring the Model S to market. The investments are coming even with the operating losses yearly. The hope is that with the IPO investment money, Toyota, the U.S. Government, and the Daimler-Chrysler investment, Tesla might become profitable within the next 3 years.

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