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Aypz K.

What has been the experience of this forum in wind-solar hybrids? In theory, they are a great combination owing to the complimentary nature of the two resources (wind blows most when the sun shines least and vice versa), but in practice I have not seen too many large applications of this concept…why? What are the major drawbacks?

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Theo M.

Wind energy is also one of the greatest energy resources. How it is produced and how we can utilize it to replace other energy resources which cause global warming and climate change.
The wind is caused by the uneven heating of the surface of our earth by the sun. The reason for the uneven heating is due to the different surfaces of our earth off course (land and water) during day time. If you want to view this process at night it is slightly different where behavior of air changes from hot to cold.
The same procedure is applied in manufacturing Hybrid Wind Turbines. But this turbine can generate power even without the help of wind using natural gas or biogas.


Written in September 2010

Yi Chen 110°

I haven't seen it used on a larger application, only seen it as portable solar/wind chargers like the Miniwiz HYmini and Kinesis Industries' K3. Would be interested to see how it's used in home and commercial designs.

Written in September 2010

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