Stop spill in gulf, 15°

Scott H. 10°

My idea to plug the pipe.

I am a mechanic with the Canadian Armed Forces and have worked around heavy equipment for many years. When I heard we could post Ideas, I came up with something that I hope will work.
There is industreal air bags that are used for flipping trucks back on their wheels after an accident, very little air in these bags creates huge amounts of force. I'm not sure how much pressure is ccreated when you try and plug that pipe but my idea is to attach one of these bags to a rod, lower it in the pipe as far as needed inflate bag till leak stops then fill with concrete and let set, simple solution but those are the ones that usually work best.

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I hope your idea is seen by someone who can take it to the Gulf. MANY MANY citizens have proposed ideas such as yours to BP and the Feds. Why none of them have been chosen to stop the gush or help clean up the shoreline is unknown to me. The entire event and the fact that it continues generates feelings of fear and despair along with anger. Anger at the ignorance that seems to be prevailing here---the ocean is one big pool of water. Hurricane season will take it and mix the oil like its cake batter! If you love fish, go an buy some now and freeze it. B/c its not too far fetched to say its gonna be all gone very soon.
Thx for rdg.

Written in June 2010

Good idea.

I heard another cool idea today. Beauty schools are donating the hair that falls on the floor to the oil cleanup. Apparently cut hair is a great oil absorbent. Kind of gross to think about, but very closed loop. Wonderful from a sustainability standpoint.


Written in June 2010

Scott H. 10°

Thanks for the support, I hope someone in their team see my idea it seems to me the people presenting solutions are thinking too deep. After all my years of experiance it's the simple solutions that actually work. I heard yesterday from a friend that their sounding sonar in the water to ward off whales and dolphins and it's working. I guess there's some good news in this huge mess. The question is how much of the eco system is actually being effected?

Written in June 2010

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