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Hi all,

have you never heard about the project “Save the beach”, sponsored by Corona. Facebook page:

I give you just this short information about the project because i'm sure thsi could be interesting for lots of you. We are trying to make more and more people interested in the project and we would like them to take part actively.

The principal target of this initiative is to make people aware of waste problem affecting beaches, the preservation of the environment and to rehabilitate every year at least one of these beaches in Europe.
To achieve this target, the project is set up as follows: from the day before World Environment Day (5th of June) users of can enlist a beach they want to save in 2010.
The only thing they need to do is to take a picture or make a video that shows the dangerous state of the place and upload it on the page. On the 23rd of August everyone will be invited to vote for the beach Corona Beer will save in 2010.
In 2009 the Project was really successful: thousand of Europeans, worried about the environment and their beaches, visited the website and put the spotlight on endangered beaches with pictures and videos and participated actively in the vote for the selection of the beach to save. The beach selected was Capocotta (Lazio), only 20km away from where the Hotel Corona “Save The Beach” will be built.
Lots of events have been organized all around the world to raise awareness for the campaign, from a fashion event with Top Model Bar Refaeli wearing the spring summer collection of Custo Barcelona to a massive concert in the second part of August on Salou beach, Tarragona.
The festival attracted more than 30,000 guests and featured the best bands of the moment like Jarabe de Palo y Pignoise. The same concert will take place again on the 17th of June this year, featuring amongst others Las Orejas de Vangogh.

I hope you can all support the project,

Green Love
PS. I’m also on twitter if you are interested: @saveyourbeach

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Written in June 2010

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