Seeing is believing?,

Nick G. 297°

I'm just about to finish my 5th trip to China in the last year or so. In the last two the pollution has started getting to me - not just in a physical sense but actually also in an intellectual sense.

I've started to wonder just how we can expect people to CARE about the environment/ about the world IF they can't see it?

Of course China is not the only polluted country in the world! I've travelled throughout the USA and witnessed pervasive - red/ ochre colouring in the sky....and in Euorpe there is more of a grimy and sort of industrial feel to it.

I guess my thinking is about proximity to the issue and coming from New Zealand it has made me realise that we have qualities that actually cannot be bought - irrespective of the quantum of money offered.

There might however be an insight into how we can create a transformational impact - by enabling all those people that currently CANNOT see - actually START to see.

People aren't stupid.

Showing the difference - what clean water actually looks like, tastes like etc....what it is like to actually see further than 500m down the street through the pollution.....knowing that in fact your city sits in a valley and that there are mountains only 12 kilometres away......

Seeing IS believing and I think it could lead to transformation.

Nick G

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