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When you need environmental services, simply browse through out vast database. Everything is categorized by service type. You can also search alphabetically or use the search aide for an exact category.

After locating a service category, simply enter your company details and the service description. Need more than one service or multiple service locations? No problem. Enviro Direct Link supports multiple service requests and locations. Furthermore, submitting a service is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Some advantages include:
- Over 1,000 service categories
- Multiple search modes
- User friendly interface
- No registration necessary to browse service categories
- Choose all company environmental requirements and only register once
- Secure (create your own password)
- Supports multiple locations
- Accepts multiple service requests
- Stores all service request history

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It is true! If you're looking for a service provider, Enviro Direct Link is the place to go.
Also, if you are a service provider, and you're looking for more business, EDL can offer you a great deal too. Check it out.

Written in May 2010

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