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It is known to every one that plastics does harm to nature, both land,water and air. Still no government wants to ban the use of plastics. The plastic drinking bottles are a real harm to the land. It pollutes the air while burning. So i would really insist the government to really ban the plastics and start using the alternatives. The citizens of the mother earth we are also responsible for saving the planet earth. So folks , what do you think the real alternative of plastics? Do you agree in the necessity for banning unwanted plastic products?

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Ten Ways to Reduce Plastic usage.

Avoid Products that use Plastic to Begin With
Kick the Bottle
Recycle or Reuse Materials
Choose Products with Biodegradable Plastic
Choose Products with Biodegradable Plastic
Recycle Computer Parts
Use Cloth Grocery Bags
Do Sweat the Small Stuff
Don’t be a Litter Bug
Clean up your Neighborhood Ponds

Written in October 2010

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Yi Chen 110°

I definitely think there should be an alternative to plastic when it comes to packaging.

Although it's good to see some companies recycling plastic to use has alternative building solutions. For example:

- Ecological bricks
- Miniwiz Polli-bricks
- Byfusion building blocks

I really like what Miniwiz does with plastic bottles. They actually convert old ones into interlocking bottles that can be used as building material.

There's so much unwanted plastic floating around and I really hope this idea takes off for general commercial and residential use.

Written in October 2010

One thing I did to reduce my plastic usage was to stop buying bottled water. The main reason I drank bottled water to begin with was that the tap water in my town was just TERRIBLE tasting so I didn't have a choice. As soon as I moved to a new city I bought a single container that I use for my water. No more stupid plastic bottles!

Written in November 2010

Yi Chen 110°

Bottled water are definitely culprits when it comes to environmental suitability. Although people think all plastic bottles get recycled, only 25% of them make it to recycling plants.

I actually checked out the MINIWIZ website and something else that was brought to my attention was I.T. waste. With new technology being released at an exponential rate, I think this is something we should be aware about and start implementing I.T. recycle facilities such as this one:

Any thoughts?

Written in November 2010

Hi everyone,

Ive started this petition. Its to get supermarket chains to only use biodegradable plastic bags. Millions of plastic bags get used & wasted every day.

My reach is only so far.

I invite you to make this your petition also.

Please, I'm begging you to share this petition around your contacts, social media & channels. I really think it could help if supported.

Written in September 2012

There's a site I check for recycling and upcycling! It's called

Written in December 2012

You can check It's a social networking site that gives you information on how to reduce plastic and as well as other acts to help save the planet.

Written in December 2012

Norway is importing all the rubbish it can obtain so it can burn it to generate energy. The United Kingdom was the source of old rubbish as an energy source, 45,000 tons in the six months to April, 2013. The European market is large, with 150 million tons of waste deposited in European landfills every year.The incinerator used in Norway requires “clean trash,” but Norwegians are meticulous over their waste and divide it between three bags which are available for free from grocery and other stores: blue for plastics, green for food waste and white for all else. Find out more

Written in June 2013

Try shopping for products with less plastic and refillable containers. For instance, Eliminate Odors with products from What Odor who claim to use less plastic and provide refills at a low cost.

Written in November 2013

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