Are you willing to sacrifice?, 28°

Change is fundamentally about sacrifice. Whether it's choosing chocolate ice cream or vanilla, when we decide on a course of action we sacrifice alternative options.

Faced with climate instability and the social and political turmoil that will result in "staying the course", most everyone who visits Celsias has already decided to participate in the change that will lessen the damage.

But are we really willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve the goal?

As the debate about off-shore drilling again returns to the national spotlight, I recognize that for many families the price of gas is seriously impacting their stability, happiness, and opportunity. Though I know with great certainty that the crutch of expanded oil exploration won't help ease their financial (and too often emotional) pain, by opposing the oil rigs I am asking others to make an emotional sacrifice. I'm asking them, those still addicted to oil, to suck it up and change their lifestyle. That is a painful sacrifice for most people.

My lifestyle requires very little gasoline, but I'm not blind to the fact I am unique in this perspective, relatively speaking. Many of the actions on this website that I have agreed to aren't really painful sacrifices, most actually enhance my happiness. But how ethical is it to ask others to suffer more than I am willing to suffer?

So my question for this discussion is this, what are you willing to give up, what painful sacrifice (emotionally) are you willing to agree to in order to put skin into the game?

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I am willing to sacrifice! I have sacrificed a few things, like not having a car, walking more and reducing waste as much as I can. I found a website called that lists acts for the environment. You need to check it out.

Written in December 2012

Maria L. 47°

I also have made many sacrifices but I see them as having mostly improved my life, although I realize that there are many that I talk to that are confounded by those of us who are willing and think that it's everyone's responsibility, just like feeding yourself is, to reconsider and become less dependent on fossil fuels. Sign my Stop Misleading Energy Pipedreams petition to Energy and Commerce Committee! We need you!

Written in May 2013

Steve B. 10°

We all have tons of clothes or things that we want to get rid of. If they are still usable, give them to someone who needs them. I am sacrificing my favorite clothes and belongings for needy ones.

Written in May 2013

Written in January

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