Curtailing new coal mining operations,

It is abundantly clear that coal mining is an environmental disaster on many levels. Certainly, Big Coal is doing a masterful job keeping the facts of how mining coal brutalizes the environment under the radar of the general public. Recently, two colleagues of min -- Clair Jones of Utah Chapter Sierra Club, and Emily Fehrenbacher of Alaska -- as well as many dedicated others, have been working diligently to get the NoBassCoal Campaign off the ground here in Utah . We held our first event, The NoBassCoal “Campaign Kick-off and Press Conference” on November 12 at 12 p.m., to inform Utahans that Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort owner, Dick Bass, is investing in what will be the largest strip mine ever in Alaska. The Chuitna Coal Project will destroy 30 square miles of salmon, bear and moose habitat in a pristine wilderness of Alaska , and dump millions of pound of CO2 into the atmosphere, eventually destroying Utah ’s famous powder snow as well. But we are going to stop this mine!

We had a great first event turnout of around 50, and at least 8 media outlets there as well, including Fox News. Speakers included Clair and Emily, and Forrest Shearer, a pro snowboarder with Protect Our Winters, who also happens to be sponsored by Snowbird. They all gave a rundown of how the mine will affect both Utah and Alaska , and displayed our campaign artwork, which we have been developing with a fantastic design company based in L.A.

Here is a link to the awesome story that our local Fox News affiliate aired about our event:

Thanks to everyone who supported this event, and there will be many more to follow! We will keep at this until Dick Bass backs out of dirty coal!

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