350 Aotearoa: Day of Climate Action,

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The sun was scheduled to rise at 6.19 today in Wellington, but waited until 6.23 this morning, to place the finishing touch on the international dawn awakening for the 350 Day of Action! After a drumming performance, a blessing followed by a group rendition of a Maori waiata (song) Purea Nei, the 350 organisers addressed a 50-strong crowd at Wellington's first wind turbine, to mark the official start of the global 350 International Day of Climate Action.

Aaron Packard and Heidi Clark, representatives of the National 350 team said:
“World, hear our call and know that as we stand here on this most incredible of days, we will stand here one month from now, one year from now and we will stand here as long as it takes for 350 to become a reality for our people and planet!”

Shortly after 10am, video was uploaded to the New York office, who, running 14 hours behind NZ, will dispense it to the BBC, 4 hours ahead in London. Thus commenced the global campaign, the most extensive and elaborate simultaneous climate action event the world has seen co-ordinated by social media, phone and email. Dubbed the 'Citizens campaign' calling for strong political commitments to avert disaster due to climate change, the 350 Day of Climate Action will see over 4500 events around the world, and 150 events around NZ demonstrating versatility and creativity. In New Zealand the events including music, group yoga, massed bike rides, flash mobs, solar power rallies, human sculptures, drumming and church bell ringing.

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Hello Sophie,
I would have liked to hear more about this initiative.
Thank you.

Written in November 2009

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