Global Youth Panel,

Hello to everyone! As you all know the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference is approaching, and here at Debatewise we are attempting to put together a one thousand strong panel of young people to debate the issues that arise in Copehagen. We want this panel to contain people from every country in the world and this will be an opportunity to represent your country at the Conference. Below is the advert we have sent out, and if your interested, click on the link and join in!

The Global Youth Panel!

The most important environmental conference of the decade will take place in Copenhagen in December. Debatewise, an online debating website, in conjunction with The British Council and IDEA, call on everyone who understands the importance of the summit to take their place on the Global Youth Panel.

The aim is to create a one-thousand strong focus group of young, proactive and passionate debaters to have their say on what happens in Copenhagen. Members of the panel will debate the issues as they arise, and other members will vote on the points that have been made. You can participate as much or a little as you like and will take place totally online.
This is a unique opportunity to play your part in a very important global event, the consequences of which will have a huge impact on the world you’re about to inherit. It is your right to have your say and to be heard. Let your leaders know what you think by joining our panel here:

To sign-up visit htpp://

Please also invite any you know who may be interested in this amazing opportunity as well.

A bit about us...
Debatewise ( is a not for profit online debating site which aims to become the Wikipedia of debate. Anyone can start a debate on any subject they like and anyone can edit and strengthen that debate. This ensures that over time the strongest and most definitive arguments emerge and so provide a highly valuable resource for anyone looking to make up their mind. Debatewise was founded in 2008 and is based in the London internet hub of Hoxton, East London. Patrons include Michael Crick, Gabby Logan and Chris Heaton Harris.

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Jannah G. 10°

Having a prior knowledge about the climate change that we experiences right now would be a big help for our mother earth. I think you have a good proposal about the debate your trying to figure out since we are also the one who will benefit from it.

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Written in November 2009

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