Can you/will you give up driving if oil prices continue to rise? ,

Leanne V. 197°

At what point will driving become too expensive for you? $5 a gallon? $10 a gallon? $50 a gallon?

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Charles M. 110°

I don't think this will be a binary on/off thing. Instead, it will lead to tiers of usage.

For example, something like:
*Below $3 per gallon don't factor it into anything. Drive anywhere on impulse.
* Between $3 and $5, cut down on trivial usage, start car pooling.
* Between $5 and $10. Mainly carpool or start using public transport.
* $20-$30. Once a week to the mall for a shopping trip. No impulse trips.
* $30+ : Special night out once a month and emergencies.

Of course numbers and example usage is purely illustrative and everyone will have different criteria.

Written in July 2008

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This is a question that has a historical precedent. When prices soared in the 70s, the response to higher prices was that people did drive less, car manufacturers invested in more fuel efficient engines, and use of public transport rose. All of those things will happen again if prices stay high.
Personally, the question has a different slant for me, because I don't drive. When I was younger I couldn't afford to take the test (it's very expensive in the UK), and now that I can afford it I've often wondered if it's time I started. That question is kind of being answered for me right now. My compromise is that I will start driving when I can afford a plug-in electric car.

Written in July 2008

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I had to give up driving...because my eyes got too bad. But my Mom (who has perfect eyesight) is thinking of giving up driving-- or driving only once or twice a week, and yesterday's gas was $4.13. She has cut down on driving a lot already.

Great question!

Written in July 2008

Judy T.

Gas will keep going up. As far as stop driving? Probably Not But check out freegaslady dotcom

Written in July 2008

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