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Hi there,
Well here's my mission... bring no packaging back from the store. There's been lots of discussion about bacteria and shopping bags. Solution, use one that's washable.
But how do we get past the other packaging. Well personally I try to leave it all at the store. O.K. so what do you do when you're shopping for bulk rice or nuts, fresh veggies and the like. Well there are lots of re-useables out there. Here's my take on the pros and cons.
Organic cotton or hemp - great, but you can't see your food, they aren't super longlasting, and damp food tends to grow a nasty black mold on the bag
Mosquito netting bags with drawstring - super light weight, but the drawstrings get tangled in the wash and in my shopping bag, also the ones I've seen don't stretch, so if what you buy doesn't fit, yer hooped.
Now to my favourite. There's a little company in Canada that's making stretchy mesh bags, they are simple "made on this continent" and work a treat. They have hundreds of other uses. I know they are primarily for food and strong enough for 10lbs of rice or potatoes. But as a fitness instructor I actually use mine for used gym togs as well. Even the bulkies outfits will fit into the tiniest of these bags.
If you are passionate about eliminating plastic you gotta check these bags out. They're the bomb.
Jenna L

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