Making it easier to comply with "Green" ratings for buildings,

Alex R. 10°

Various "Green building" rating systems out there have made it easy for building clients to ask for better performing architecture. programmes such as LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, etc allow one to use a simple phrase...such as "build me a 5 star project" to mean a whole spectrum of change, from improved energy performance, greater water savings, to using environmentally preferable materials.

That said, delivering on the aim is not always that easy. Certification programmes can be complex and ask for abundant amount of documentation, adding to the administrative burden, There is a real need to have a tool that architects can use to generate "rating tool compliant" specification documents and quickly select products that will achieve "points".

I have been working with various organisations in the past that have attempted this, but none to my knowledge are providing the satisfactory solutions. So I have set about starting my own company and website that will hopefully do the right thing.

The wesbite is in development at the moment, but there are a few static pages that will make for an interesting first read, go check it out

I'm open to discussion, suggestions, ideas, criticism, support, name it!

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