Kentucky Fried Chicken,

John G.

Massive excess packaging with a large dirty dye content thrown in, drive throughs 15 cars long
Fatty as hell products
Underpaid overstressed staff.
KFC you have a lot to answer for. A fine example of rampant unchecked commercialism in our open society.
My ultimate quarter pack will consist of.
1 * chocolate bar wrapper
1 * cellophane carry bag
1 * drink lid
1 * straw
1 * cup
1 * large bright red box
1 * chips box or bag
2-3 * plastic spoons
2-3 * serviettes
2 * plastic punnets
2 * plastic punnet lids
1 * box liner
2 * date labels

That is a one serving KFC meal.
Gas obviously is to cheap because these queus are still way too long

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Charles M. 110°

No. Their customers have a lot to answer for! While people continue to buy this stuff - and worse still - feed it to their kids, companies will provide it.

By blaming the corporations you perpetuate the victim culture: that we're all helplessly at the mercy of Big Bad Corporations.

By giving the responsibility to individuals you also give them the power and the responsibility to change the situation.

Written in June 2008

John G.

yes fine, to each their own then, however shouldnt KFC be making some effort to address these problems and show that they are looking at reducing the HUGE amount of refuse they are creating every single day.
They SHOULD be taking some responsibility here as McDonalds have in a number of ways.

Written in July 2008

Charles M. 110°

Hi John.
I'm sure McD only did it because of consumer pressure, not because they suddenly went green.

My main points are this:
* We are not victims to these food corporations. We don't have to buy their crap. They don't hold a gun to our heads. Just grumbling and continuing to buy there is defeatist.
* When we do buy their stuff then we're endorsing their practices. We're saying: Here's $10, now give me that pile of rubbish. What's motivating them to change?

I very seldom eat take out. When I do I almost always buy stuff from smaller non-franchise vendors. I have not bought McD or KFC in 15 or more years. The food is... food, and packaging is far less too (a paper wrap).

Written in July 2008

John G.

Hi Charles enjoying the discussion.
Incidentally KFC is part of a NZ listed company so the power is in our hands if we really wanted to stop KFC from their short sighted and unnecessary attack on our environment in the form of massive excess packaging and c02 emitting drive throughs.
However should it really need to come to that...should they not be proactive and make their rwquired changes into a positive for their business or are they going to be like the NZ govts and do everything 15 years too late.
KFC, their product and their management is certainly old school because they have showed no ability or willingness to adapt to the winds of change that are coming.
Under your theory we should keep importing chinese made products with lead paint on them for the kids to chew on.
I disagree, there is such a thing as corporate responsibility and these guys are showing nil at the moment.


Written in July 2008

Charles M. 110°

Agreed John. They, and all other junk producers **should** be proactive, but they aren't until either legislation or customer pressure forces them.

The lead paint thing is a bit different. This is through legislation that existed before the massive influx of Chinese made toys. It is also very difficult for Joe Consumer to determine things like lead in toys, so tha is when legislation becomes far more important.

The problem with packaging is that it is far harder to legislate because where do you draw the line. Give a lawyer a nice floppy word like "excessive" and he'll find a loop hole big enough to drive a truck through it. However on the plus side, it is obvious to Joe Consumer that the KFC packaging is excessive. This takes no specialised equipment.

Written in July 2008

John G.

thats good Charles, we agree that KFC and many, many corporations and businesses will do as little as possible to do their bit to help out with the environment and the certain effects that their activities have. In fact they probably have to be legislated against to get any change of any type.
They are showing quite clearly that they like to help, help themselves that is, to making as much money as possible, no matter what the cost.
How many companies and business 'leaders' are out there with the KFC attitude??
Can the cause win through?? 20/80 at the moment.
Sine I first posted yesterday, if KFC sold 20000 ultimate quarterpacks in the last 24 hours, that would have created 380,000 additional pieces of 90% non recyclable dirty burning trash.
Scared to multiply that figure by 364.
Whats the next step. Protests outside haha get hungry go in for lunch.
Tough one but I hope these guys act sooner rather than later when the govt will inevitably bring in some kind of tax or like to bring these guys down as they have done with smoking, but how much damage in the meantime will be done.
KFC get proactive NOW if for nothing else your own business's sake..

Written in July 2008

Leanne V. 197°

The food is cheap for a lot of these companies, because their costs are hidden in tax cuts and various forms of legal abuse and environmental damage for which they do not pay.

The best way to take these companies down is by attaching a real price to what they sell. Make them pay properly for the energy they use, the waste they dump, the feed they give their chickens (rather than subsidizing it). Make them pay their staff real wages, and enforce tight laws regarding 'disposable' packaging, and suddenly their product will not be looking as attractive to buyers any more.

In short, hit them where it hurts, and get their honest competitors who sell decent products behind the 'hitting'.

A good start would be checking them for food safety. I remember reading that 2 out of 3 chickens sold are contaminated with camphylobacter. Get a whole lot of testing done at the Colonel's, and that might slow them down a little too.

Just some thoughts.

In the end, though, with the economy slowing, I think fewer people will be eating out and buying trash food, and that will hit these companies hardest of all. People in my area are already putting veggie plots in. It's only a small step away for them to be keeping their own chickens. Healthier, more sustainable, and much more ethical to the animals.

Written in July 2008

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