Home "tiny green remodeling"--what else is there?,

I've learned recently that in addition to buying products that are better for the environment (such as energy saving bulbs and biodegradable cleaning products), there are some things that homeowners can do to reduce the environmental impact of our homes. From a friend, I heard about installing grey water systems (for example using shower drain water to then flush the toilet), and solar-powered water heaters... And now I'm wondering what else is out there?? These seem like relatively simple "tiny remodels" that can make a huge difference on our environmental impact. Can the Celsias community enlighten me as to what else we can do along these lines? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for all the great info! It's good to know more about how to handle draftiness/heat in the house. I live in a warm climate, but rarely turn on the AC (just fans... are they huge suckers of electricity?). And on my budget, nearly every piece of furniture in my home is second hand... I feel a pang of guilt every time I take a long warm shower or leave my computer plugged in over night. That said, it's the recycling of what I have (when I'm done with it) that I find tough! But perhaps you're right that I've got to get creative. :) Any thoughts on recycling of old electronics/phones/etc.? What about old carpets, tiles and things?
Thanks again!

Written in June 2009

Steve A. 105°

You can also keep your landscaping in mind as well. A lot of people overlook things like rain barrels and shade trees. Have you got a particular window that always seems to get too much sun? Sometimes a tree will do you better than drapes. Also, programmable thermostats, programmable device timers and water-efficient faucet heads are a great and relatively cheap investment.

Written in July 2009

Anella S. 10°

What about the type of carpeting you have too? I am in the midst of remodelling my office and have heard that carpet tiles are very environmentally friendly.

Written in October 2009

Anella S. 10°

Sorry, link: http://www.carpettileking.com/v/flood.html carpet tiles that are water resistant and effective against floods, I definitely want this in my office!

Written in October 2009

Hi Anella,
I'm now working with the Green Building Councils worldwide, and one member is Interface Flooring... for office spaces they have great, eco-friendly carpet tiles as well.
Let me know what you end up using--I'd love to hear about your experience.

Written in October 2009

That's a good point, Kevin. I often get into checking out green products, and lose sight of solutions already in front of me, that don't require (even "green") manufacture or transport.

Written in October 2009

Anella S. 10°

Ok, I have alot to consider, for me the greener the better, good point Kevin.

Written in October 2009

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