2009 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards,

Hi all,

this is just a quick note to request your nominations for our 'Best low carbon transport & technology' in the Responsible Tourism Awards 2009 (founded and organised by online travel agent responsibletravel.com, in association with The Telegraph, Geographical Magazine, BBC World News, and World Travel Market).

Since 2004 the Responsible Tourism Awards have recognised individuals, companies and organisations in the travel industry that are making a significant commitment to the culture and economies of local communities and are providing a positive contribution to biodiversity conservation.

As part of the Awards, we accept nominations in 13 categories, and thought that the Best for low carbon transport and technology might be of interest to you guys. This category is for an organisation or initiative that is developing or promoting low carbon transport or technology.

Did you forego the car hire route for the adventure of a well-organised bus network run on used cooking oil this year? Perhaps you stayed in a city where free bike rental made the centre a no-car zone? We want the latest in train innovation, electric car hire, and any initiative promoting low carbon transport or technology to make getting to or around your holiday that little bit greener. Bycyklen Copenhagen, Eurostar, UK and The Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership all won this Award in previous years.

Nominations are accepted at http://www.responsibletourismawards.com/nominat..., and must be in by Monday 15 June.

Nominate a winner and you could win a Kenyan Safari experience for 2!

More information on the Awards, including the rest of our 13 categories can be found at http://www.responsibletourismawards.com

Happy nominating, and thanks for reading!

Alex Lyons

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Charles M. 110°

Stay home and plant your vege garden.
Zero stress.
Negative carbon footprint.
No chance of bringing home swine flu.
No drug sniffer dogs and surly passport officials.
Sleep in a comfortable bed.
Get to take home some healthy vegetables rather than just a few blurry snaps.

Written in May 2009

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