New, Improved,

Changes and Improvements

I wanted to take a moment to announce the many improvements we've made recently to It has been a busy time and I think you'll be pleased with the changes:

* Home page : its undergone an overhaul and now with a cleaner, fresher, more content-focused look.
* Profiles: a bug some people were encountering when trying to update their profiles has now been fixed. Joining as a member is now easier than ever before, and totally free.
* Actions: we've provided new functionality for this section, allowing you to look at actions with different search criteria. It's also now possible to upload a photo for your action.
* Speed: the website has been optimized to load faster than ever.
* Twitter: if you're a big fan like we are, you can now get Celsias headlines delivered directly to you. All our News & Opinions features get tweeted daily. Follow us: Celsiastweets

We'd like your feedback

If you have any comments or feedback on content, please feel free to leave word here or email me directly:

Writers wanted

Have a passion about climate change and other environmental issues? Have a knack for words? We're always on the lookout for new bloggers. If you're keen to take your writing skills to a large audience, send an email:

Thanks for being involved. We hope you continue to enjoy Celsias and take action on climate change.

Thanks and have a great week ahead!

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