New Green Animated Film w/ All-Star Cast,

Tena M.

Luke Wilson, Rachel Evans Wood, Amanda Peet, James Garner, Dennis Quaid, Brian Cox...and the list goes on and on...have came together for Battle for Terra ( a new, animated film (in 3D in some theaters) that has an environmental, and peace and harmony focus.


Humans destroy the Earth by depleting its natural resources and set off to find a new planet to live on - where they find Terra. Terra is a peaceful planet with inhabitants that honor nature and live peacefully and harmoniously with one another and all life. Of course, the humans try to take the planet over through war, but in the end....well....we'll see. :)

I hope this is a new trend in Hollywood. This one is great for adults and kids and should raise green consciousness a notch!

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Charles M. 110°

This is just exploiting the greenwave. It won't really raise awareness. Who is not yet aware that will really have their eyes opened by this?

What it will do is raise skepticism. There is something very hypocritical about Hollywood actors telling people to cut down on their use of natural resources.

Actors and the movie industry are representative of the worst levels of consumption. Who will take them seriously when they talk about reducing consumption?

Dennis Quaid has at least 3 huge houses: Los Angeles, Texas and Montana. Who is really going to take any message from him seriously?

Written in March 2009

Tena M.

I disagree. I think that anything having to do with green ideas raise the consciousness of that idea. Because this is an animation, many kids will see it, and that means that it will affect them. I don't think many people will want to say 'this is stupid because Dennis has three houses' - some people who like to show how nothing is truly 'green', yes, but in general, people will just watch the movie and they'll be affected by it. We are affected by media. Even if the affect is just a small ripple. I don't think this is for people who are already aware, but for the mainstream that are not.

Written in March 2009

Charles M. 110°

"Being Seen to be Green" is very different from being green.

Children are particularly sensitive to hypocrisy. They are also being exposed to all sorts of environmental messages through many channels and certainly don't need more messages through movies.

Making all movies, included animated movies, takes huge amounts of resources. Huge amounts of electricity are used to do all the graphics in animated movies. For example, read:

One must question whether such a "Green Movie" will really expose a new message to people and whether the amount of resulting education is a good payoff compared to the resources expended.

Written in March 2009

Tena M.

Wow. Movies aren't going to stop being made. Art is not going to stop being made. Using it for positive messages is the best way to use it...If you're so against anything using resources, you should probably not be online. Regardless, I do see that most people use 'green' as a way to show and expose a lot of things as being 'wrong' so they can feel superior, but in this case, I think that using movies for a positive message way outweighs recycling a bottle.

Written in April 2009

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