My favorite green cause is..., 18°

Nick Lewis 2448°

Come on people now, smile on your brother (and sister)! What green causes float your boat!

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Greenpeace, of course!

Written in June 2008

Dean D. 65°

Keeping the ban on off-shore drilling!

Written in June 2008

Stopping biodiversity loss, especially in places I know and love, like Madagascar.

Written in June 2008

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Ping S.

The Light up a billion lives project which aims to bring solar power to a billion homes which dont currently have any gird access

Written in June 2008

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Matthew W. 471°

Urban infrastructure of cities, town and communities across the World, both developed and developing to think, 'ok, so how can we invest in our cities and communities on a macro-scale to slow climate change?'. A biggie, but a goodie...

Written in June 2008

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Sustainable building. We have the ability to put an energy efficient, comfortable, healthy roof over every human's head, yet lack the motivation and education. We'll get there.

Written in June 2008

The local food movement! Supporting organic farmers, nixing GMOs, joining CSAs, going vegan!

Written in June 2008

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C Robb W. 444°

I agree with Alexandra, local food, less meat, personal involvement in the food you eat. Dig it, plant it, grow it, eat it!

Written in June 2008

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Saving our water resources. If you think the gas shortage is a big deal, wait until you meet the water shortage(if you haven't already).

Written in July 2008

Charles M. 110°

All 'grow your own food' movements are great. Reconnect people with their food growing makes them far more conscious of their actions and helps wean them off corporate food.

I try to support charities that do this: work with communities to give them a hand up rather than a hand out. World Vision is one of these. I am not pro their religious history, but I choose to ignore that aspect because they do other great work.

Written in July 2008

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