Guidelines For Constructing Your Commercial Greenhouse ,

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The productivity and efficiency of operating a greenhouse is primarily dependent on the kind of growing materials used.
Kinds of Greenhouses.

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Here are basic things to consider:

• Crops that you will be growing (potted plants, Bedding plants, perennials, herbs, vegetables, etc.)

• The growing period of the crops (seasonal or year-round)

• Plants that will be grown (flats, pots, hydroponics bed, troughs, etc.)

• Growing medium (no soil, soil, mix, compost, nutrient solution, etc.)

• Growing methods (flooring, movable or fixed benches, growing bags, beds and flood)

• Annual productivity (space that is required)

• Marketing technique (retail, wholesale or both)

• Investment or capital

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Rough B. 10°

Greenhouse Types

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