Home stays is a great way to know a country in a grass roots level,

Currently tourists are visiting Sri Lanka in unprecedented numbers and in fact it has become the unexplored territory to be explored. During the civil war many who wanted to visit Sri Lanka had been postponing. Since the coast is clear there are so many visitors who are discovering this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean.

Since the demand for accommodation has increased there is a demand for all types of accommodations. Home stay is one of those types of accommodations that had created a special market in Sri Lanka. Back in the day home stays were limited for student travelers and the travelers with a limited budget. And the other extreme end of home stay is boutique hotels. Most of these hotels are mansions that were renovated and refurbished to match the modern times. There are so many Colombo boutique hotels that started to cater the niche market of boutique hotel visitors.

Back in the day home stay was solely limited for the guest houses catering the tourists with a limited budget. But it gradually expanded to different types of home stay from boutique hotels, boutique villas and heritage hotels. It made possible both the expansion of accommodation facilities as well as expanding the variety of accommodation available in the island.

The advantage of staying over at a boutique hotel is that you always get the chance of embracing the real culture of the country. That is one of the main reasons some tourists choose home stays instead of staying at one of the Colombo hotels. Most of these boutique hotels are grand mansions that had been refurbished and tastefully converted into boutique hotels. While some hotels are managed by companies some boutique hotels are run by the current owners of the property. They always have an interesting tale of the house and how the house had been passed on to them. If you like the culture of the country and get to know in an intimate way staying over at one of these boutique hotels is the best. Also since the number of rooms is limited the guests always enjoy a very personalised and attentive service.

Since tourism started booming there is a new range of tourists who started visiting Sri Lanka. Those who have layovers started to visit Sri Lanka for a few hours or just for a day to test the waters of the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Then the number of Colombo Airport hotels also increased to cater those testers. These hotels are quite important as the whole Sri Lankan experience will be judged from that experience of the layover. And most of them who stop by for a layover always come back to have a comprehensive Sri Lankan experience.

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