Our Climate is Changing: How should we respond?,

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Feb.11, 2009 - London Ontario Canada

Dr. Gordon McBean, a Professor at the University of Western Ontario, Chair for Policy in the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction and a member of the Nobel Peace Prize winning IPCC, spoke last night on “Our Climate is Changing: How should we respond?”.

His presentation was excellent - to the point, with considerable proof and knowledge to back his slides. Dr. McBean basically summarized the latest report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

In a nutshell, the world is running out of time to make significant changes to the way we over consume, burning huge quantities of oil, producing ever increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and therefore heating up the earth. This message has been acted upon by the European Union which has reduced it’s CO2 emissions compared to 1990 baseline figures. However, North America continues down a path of destruction, with huge increases in greenhouse gas (GHG) production.

There was a bit or resignation in Dr. McBean’s voice. He and another 164 of the top scientists in Canada, have issued signed letters to the Provincial & Federal Governments, urging change, but the politicians have refused to act.

Of course, most of the people who attended last night’s meeting, are already aware of the issues. Dr. McBean will air his message again today on the local TV station and is speaking to the Canadian Club of London on Friday.

We applaud Dr. McBean for his efforts to spread this important message!

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Extreme weather linked to change in climate has been wreaking havoc on global crops. I found this here: Extreme weather of climate change drives up world food prices A rise in demand is proceeding concurrently with the reduction in supply. The severe weather, which meteorologists say will persist, will continue to drive up food prices, also as political instability, for the foreseeable future.

Written in February 2011

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Yes. McBean member of IPCC, presentation was really good. Guys who missed it, please do watch it on local TV. And finally the Climate is changing here too.. wowhooooooo!

Written in March 2011

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