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Books are our best friend. It is a known and a very popular phrase which is believed by one and all. And why not, the treasure that the books open for us is incomparable to any other thing of this world. There are so many types of books that one comes across all his life. There are various genres that different individuals get inclined to and the best part about all this is that the internet has opened us an easy way to acquire them and build our own collection. You can shop online for novels, study material, autobiographies, biographies, etc. Nowadays, you can also find Antiquarian Books Online. So people interested in ancient literature can explore the internet to get age old literature.

Limited Edition Bookseller deals strictly in limited, bound to order books. These books usually are works of literary or have historical significance. These books have been reproduced as an art work in their own right. Limited edition book sellers do not sell books of each and every author. The limited edition books are those books that are actually released in a limited quantity. The production of these books is much smaller than publishing industry standards. It can be even less than 1000 copies in some cases. The limited edition connotes scarcity or exclusivity and hence even the booksellers of such books are very limited.

Rare Booksellers deal in books which are not easily available in the market. Since the demand of such books is not high, not many people want to take risk of doing a non-profit business. Rare books can usually be found in the libraries of old universities. Many people refer to these books as their study material for higher studies. These books tend to have high quality material. The rare booksellers mostly have a rare collection of old documents which is also precious and you will not find such material anywhere else. They have the exclusive books with them that are priceless.

There are many companies which offer an extensive collection of first edition books. A company dealing in first edition books is called as 1st Printing Bookseller. Such publishers have almost all books that you can think of including some of the very popular books that have been ever published. You can find a first edition copy of the book that you have been searching for all your life from such booksellers and add it to your priceless collection. These publishers usually have modern or contemporary bestsellers, vague and abstract novels, classic literature, children’s books, prize-winning literature, controversial and non- controversial biographies.
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