Tim DeChristopher, a real American Hero,

C Robb W. 444°

He threw a spanner in the works of the Bush administration's industry controlled BLM by personally bidding on gas and oil leases being offered in some the of the most beautiful and pristine parts of the canyon country in the southwest. Of course he is now in need of a defense fund to protect him from persecution. You can find info on how to help at Rising Tide North America, see excerpt below, and or Huffington Post. Check em out, see links at the end of this comment.

"On December 19 Utah resident Tim DeChristopher took creative and effective action to disrupt an auction that was selling off oil and gas leases on hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands in Utah. As around 100 concerned citizens rallied outside opposing the opening up of wilderness areas to the oil and gas industry, Tim entered the auction and started bidding. Time and again he outbid the speculators, and when he failed to outbid them he managed to drive the price way up. According to local news reports he “caused chaos” in the auction room, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and prevented 22,500 acres of land from being developed for fossil fuel extraction (at least for the time being). Tim’s actions were extremely effective at throwing a wrench in the works of the oil and gas industry and he is to be applauded."



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Charles M. 110°

Spanner or Q-Tip?

While it is great to see someone taking a stand and doing something like this, it is hard to see that he has really accomplished much. A few hundred thousand dollars in the grand scheme of things is just a trifling annoyance to Big Oil.

The payoff is likely to be longer term: he's raised the awareness of how these companies get their mineral rights for close to free. Hopefully this will spur a review of the industry.

Written in January 2009

C Robb W. 444°

A mosquito makes her presence known and very quickly becomes a major irritant, diverting effort in her direction. I see your point but even If he prevented a single lease from going to the oil barons, which I believe he did do, I see it is an achievement.

Written in January 2009

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