Algae: The New Biofuel, 12°

B C.

Algae is a renewable fuel, does not affect the food channel and eats C02. Algae oil can be converted into fuels such as jet fuel, biodiesel, and biogasoline

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Why do we gravitate to powering our country form tradition central locations that then have to be dispersed. A more sustainable way to power the world is through local sources that do not have to transmitted over long distances, losing power all along the way.

We need to ask can algae technology be a home generated source of power such as solar and wind can be. We do not need to have big algae farms we all need to take responsibility for the energy we use by generating it ourself.

Written in January 2009

Algae farms have their place in a total repowering of America. But where are we going to find 30,000 square KM without people or wildlife. I am sure that we will have many smaller algae farms. Local generation like your windmill on the hill is the great choice for a sustainable future, along with solar and algae farms. I'd also like to see us get away from the internal combustion engine.

Written in January 2009

C Robb W. 429°

I'd rather see these plants go into "marginal" city land than deserts which I don't consider marginal, Detroit has been largely depopulated, let's put it there, or perhaps some other more southerly city. This seems like a more valuable use of land than casinos. How about Las Vegas? The other issue is feedstock, is it just water? oops that rules out LV. It would need to be coastal in order to get plenty of brackish water. Are willing to commit large areas of prime coastal real estate, which will be underwater in the next 100 years anyway, to creating fuel for what is essentially the result of bad design. Our use of motor fuel is based on faulty urban and commerce design. Far better to re-localize economy, re-vitalize the rail and bus network, increase efficiency, get out of our cars and use solar to power, what small needs that remain. Plans that emphasize business as usual are doomed to failure. Business as usual is the problem.

Written in January 2009

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