what do u think of obama,

im not so sure

4 replies

Daniel S. 12°

I think he's the kind of leader that would not have got us in such a mess we're in today.
I suppose you're not asking personal things but what he will do as president! Right? Well this will depend not insignificantly on the american people.
I think though that he is intelligent, serious, committed and congenial.
If he didn't assist the climate conference it doesn't mean he will not do all he can to stop climate change.
I understand that it upsets you because time is running out.
Tell me what you would do if you were president. We will be for a good time.

Written in December 2008

C Robb W. 444°

I'm a bit concerned with his choice of Vilsack for secretary of Agriculture due to his history as Agribusiness' buddy. But I suppose it is good to have someone in there who understands the industry and might be capable of reigning them in. That will be up to Obama. I'm generally encouraged by Obama and have high hopes. At least we are back at the Climate Change table.

Written in February 2009

Charles M. 110°

You'll really only know in a few years.

Some of what he will achieve is through what he symbolizes rather than what he achieves directly.

Obama symbolizes hope for Americans and others alike.

America built up huge international goodwill over the last century and that was dashed on the rocks in the last few years.

It is important to think long term too. Until people feel more confident about the economy and their jobs they won't be caring much about issues like the environment and he won't be getting much traction with environmental policies.

Written in February 2009

I thought Obama would think outside the box, as it were. Yet he signed papers giving the OK to drill for more oil off the LA coast yesterday AND last night he gave Sir Paul McCartney the Gershwin award....Ummm Hello?! Did he forget about the Gulf Gush? Did he block out all the devastation he saw on the LA coastline?!! Seems like he crawled INTO the box!

Written in June 2010

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