Proven way to reduce fuel consumption by 15% being blacklisted by all major oil companies ,

Good morning, I apologize for the length of this statement. I have some concrete verifiable information that is truly astounding regarding the stranglehold the oil companies have on new technology to reduce fuel consumption . I just found Celsias via google as I am searching for the correct venue and or people to not only expose this situation but more importantly to change the practice moving forward. Also everything I post here I am willing to verify with documentation and/or in person if the interested party can help me find a solution.

I was having recently with a very prominent business in the community in which he and I live , malibu California . I won't go into detail right now but he has owned a variety of major businesses in the US, is self made and his net worth is I would guess is over 400 million. The reason I am sharing this info is to make you aware that the man involved in this matter is a serous accomplished man, not some lunatic. This man developed a fuel additive that will do many things typical fuel additives do for your vehicle regarding emissions and engine performance and will absolutely unequivocally increase mileage in the 15% range. I will not post specific examples in this forum but I will give exact details, dates, and documentation privately to any parties that can help me regarding the oil companies illegal actions to force companies to not use this product. Let me just say this, one of the major shipping /courier companies ( a top 3 worldwide company) used this product for an entire state in the USA to see if it worked. They bought millions of gallons of this fuel additive over a period of one year and had a fuel costs drop over 15%. They absolutely loved the product, it was cost effective, helped the environment, and easy to use. The corporate leaders in the region where so happy with the product that they approached the national office and were immediately told to stop using the product. The company also then put in its bylaws that they do not ever use fuel additives. A rule never before in the companies charter anywhere, it was strictly to railroad this amazing new technology that seemingly would save them hundreds of millions of dollars and would be a great thing for the environment. Even more amazing was the corporate head for the state that used this product and loved it was then promoted to the corporate structure of this company into a top 5 position In the entire company. This was obviously a reward for keeping quiet regarding this technology that was being forced out of the market. I am 100% sure the oil companies are behind stifling this new technology. What compensation they offered I do not know however I am sure this is what took place.

I will give infinitely more info and all documentation to any parties that can help me get this info to the right environmental activists and or government agencies that will actually take action. My friend who owns this technology is considering an anti trust law suit but this would take years, maybe decades and more then likely cost millions of dollars. The best solution I think Is an environmental advocate or government agency to take these facts and bring them to light. I will introduce any parties with the ability to help to my friend who owns this technology. I personally own no stake in this company and will receive NO financial benefit if this technology is utilized anywhere. I am only trying to help stop the oil companies from blacklisting this amazing product strictly to increase there bottom line with no concern for how much damage they will be doing to the environment by shunning this technology.

If you can help please contact me. I will be able to show you very quickly that everything I have said is 100% accurate and I want nothing from you or anyone else in return. Thank you


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Tina E. 10°

Hi James,
I appreciate your envolvement and wish you all the best.

Written in October 2013

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