New Electric Hybrid car generator,

Hi anyone got any ideas? I have the recharging of electric and hybrid vehicles basically solved. I've driven over 3000 miles and never had to plug in once. I've emailed editors, car companies, engineering firms etc. Don't be judging and say that it is easy and people will beat a path to my door. I know my communication is problematic but if people really want to solve this oil dependence especially from vehicles,ships,trains etc., then please, at least explore this solution.
It really wasn't that difficult. This generator is easily retro-fittable? into existing vehicles. I'm beginning to think, there is some conspiracy. Joke.

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I'm in the Philadelphia area by the way. And I am not hoaxing or kidding. This generator really works. Not an entrepreneur either. Just a serial inventor.

Written in May 2013

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I know a place which sells or sold electric motors also and have checked out a bookcalled electric motor manual for cars from a public library so if you have the motor then you can send another by mail ask U.S. Postal service or Postal Sevrice of Canada or Midas Auto mechanics near Victoria to supply the motors or General Electric in U.S.A. or China foe the reason most things are made there.Might be more easy to ask Unions there to arrange something..Toyota car dealerships do not have the option of billing government through welfare office or Service Canada

Written in February

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