Coal = Devastation,

C Robb W. 429°

It's 10am, do you know where your electricity has been? Does your provider buy electricity from power plants using coal sourced from mountain top removal, MTR, operations. Coal is bad enough on it's own merits as a climate destroying fossil fuel but the "ecocide" of mountaintop removal is completely out of bounds even when measured against other rapacious corporate behaviour that has become so common in the last decade.

Contact your utility and demand that they stop selling power from power plants using coal sourced from MTR operations. Some universities have already done so, if I'm not mistaken North Carolina has pursued banning the practice but many of it's citizens still purchase MTR electricity. A Sierra Club blog has posted an estimate of 44% of coal burned in North Carolina comes from MTR operations. So while the state protects it's own mountains and communities it is willing to run roughshod over the mountain communities in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. This practice has devastated these communities. Read more about the poverty and sickness that follows MTR operations at "Coal Isn't Clean If You Live There" over on Celsias News and Opinions

Ultimately it's about an insatiable demand for something that once was and properly should be considered a luxury, something that can be produced clean and free from the sun and wind. Does it make more sense to invest in a new home entertainment system or a solar PV electricity system. Is the convenience of a clothes dryer in the sunny south worth sacrificing our natural heritage, a healthy ecosystem, our neighbors well being, and a stable climate on this planet for.

Contact the EPA and let them know you want this practice stopped, work with any number of groups fighting the Bush Administration and it's corporate owners over MTR, here's one to start with, the Petition Site, and as always reduce, reduce, reduce your demand.

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C Robb W. 429°

Good idea, the Petition Site is a god start.

Written in November 2008

Trevor C. 216°

I totally agree, save our precious resources for when we need them. They should not be used without a purpose. We now have the technology to pursue endless possibilities with energy, I'm hoping that with our new president and the help of humanitarians we can change the way power is made for all.

Written in January 2009

C Robb W. 429°

We each have a responsibility to reduce demand and work toward clean renewable energy. We don't need to wait for technology to save us. This can be done now with tech off the shelf.
Consider building a small PV battery system to power your computer. It's easy to do and can be expanded to accomodate other demands as you can afford it.
Research it, source it, build it, use it. We can all be the change that is necessary.
Invest in your own Carbon Karma!

Written in January 2009

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