Hi every body.
I am Hoai-Duc, a lecturer of Vietnam National University of Sciences. I am also a Comic author. I have a passion for writing Comics as an appeal for saving our green planet. My first series, "The tears of Gods" finely meets this point.
A unique characteristic of this series is that it finely combines Science with Mythology. Readers can discover several novel episodes which they can not find elsewhere. And the story is imparted totally by colorful pictures which are carefully polished with computer graphics techniques. I hope this comic series would be a meaningful educational gift to your children to build their awareness of saving our green planet.
Today, Dec-27, the new year promotion actually started so you can purchase one book of this series, "The Construction", for FREE at :

Don't miss this chance because the promotion will automatically end as soon as the maximum of 200 free downloads has been made.
Some sample pages are here :
You can find the whole series at :
Any comment please feel free to email me : hoaiduc_tuannguyen@yahoo.com
You can also experience the amazing world of fantasy Comics at my author page (feel free to share it if you like ^__^) :
If you don't have kindle (a device to read Amazon ebook) and want to read my Comic on PC, laptop, macbook, ipad, iphone...simply download Kindle for PC/Mac here for FREE :
(scroll down to section Kindle for PC/Mac)

Best regards

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