What's that light in my eyes?,

C Robb W. 429°

Yesterday I was reminded of a song from the musical Annie, "The sun will come out tomorrow".

Today the sun has come out. A light is shining from America unlike any we have seen for almost a decade. We have seen how dark it can be when we get complacent and allow the minority to rule, from wholesale plundering of the commons to a deepening addiction to oil, a total lack of commitment to dealing with climate change, the gun as primary means of diplomacy.

Now we see America returning to the polls like never before, a firm democratic hold on the Congress and the White House. This really is an opportunity for change. Can we expect it?

This morning on BBC a man said that we should "remain mature in our expectations". This is essential. Obama faces challenges never before seen by any president, challenges made so much more difficult by the corruption and bungling of the last eight years. We need to keep our expectations high but realize that such a herculean task will take time and effort, from all of us.

The sun was shining through the murk when I awoke this morning. To keep it's warming rays upon our cold shoulders we must all pitch in and get the job done. Get active, be prepared to sacrifice, be vigilant against continued corporate and lobbyist influence.

Think Globally, Act Locally has never been more important advice than it is this morning. The most local action takes place in your own home. Without action at that level any action at the political level will be insufficient.

Let's get to it!

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Leslie B. 177°

Can we expect it? YES WE CAN!

Written in November 2008

Charles M. 110°

As a non-American, I have a great amount of hope.

The USA built up a vast amount of international goodwill over the 1900-2000 period, only to have that thrown away over the last few years. Bush might only have 25% approval rating in USA, but the approval internationally is a lot lower and has been for a lot longer.

So why the hope? The refreshing thing is seeing that Americans are moving from a position of fear to one of hope. This changes the way people think.

Fear fosters short term survival thinking; aggression and aircraft carriers: "What's in it for me now?"

Hope brings out longer term thinking, compassion and cooperation: "What can we do for the future?"

I am realistic enough to not expect Obama or the government to effect huge change themselves, but I think it realistic to think that a whole country, and indeed more than that, have shifted mindset and together this will make a difference.

Written in November 2008

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