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Accessibility to Fascinating Activities and Actual Pleasure for Players 0° (no replies)

Nowadays, the gambling businesses generate exciting video games, since they are conscious it is difficult to win appreciations from the people, if their services and products aren't with the world wide standard. Persons have been enjoying a myriad of activities and they know the activities have to be great in ...

Started by Slots 7. yesterday, about Art & Culture

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Wonderful Activities On line and Delight for Participants of Various Ages 0° (no replies)

It's not easy to create amazing game titles on line and it could take a couple of years, actually for the gambling experts. Each scene must be made with professional approach and the creator has to see from the direction of the players for producing the best video games. The ...

Started by Slots 7. yesterday, about Art & Culture

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Remarkable Games On the web and Joy for People of Different Ages 0° (no replies)

It's difficult to produce incredible video games on the web and it could get a couple of years, also for the gambling experts. Each scene has to be made with professional strategy and the creator has to see from the viewpoint of the people for making the best video games. ...

Started by Slots 7. yesterday, about Art & Culture

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Life on earth is dying, thanks to one species 0° (no replies)

The Living Planet report provides shocking proof that humans have to change our behaviour By Geoffrey Lean6:20AM BST 01 Oct 2014 Five times in the past 440 million years, life on earth has suffered a great dying – a mass extinction eliminating between half and 97 per cent of species. ...

Started by Tiffany S. this week, about Global Dimming

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Residing Room Designing A few ideas 1° (1 reply)

A fruitful design of a space mainly depends upon their size and shape and primarily the point which is why it is going to be used. Living room decoration can be sometimes a simple job or an elaborate one depending on the individuals who are going to use it. Easy ...

Started by Tshayla H. this week, about Industry & Business

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Future of Fashion - 'DPOL' Green, Ecofriendly and Sustainable 3° (3 replies)

Over the last years there has been a relative rush of books on eco and ethical fashion published across the globe. We think this is an excellent indicator of the public’s awareness of how, what, where and whom produced the clothes in our closets. Sustainable fashion is fashion that is ...

Started by Siddhartha U. in December 2008, about Clean Technologies, Design, Energy Saving, Green energy, Industry & Business, Organic, Recycling

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Ancient Climate and Evolution Research 1° (1 reply)

Will life adapt to new climate changes and how has it dealt with different climates in the past? I am studying the environment 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period, when we see an Explosion of life in the fossil record - the "Cambrian Explosion". Follow the link to ...

Started by Anna W. this month, about Climate Change, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

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Arctic meltdown is scaring, climate change in progres! 1° (1 reply)

Recently, I travelled to Eastern Europe and I was really surprised to witness two different seasons in the same day. In the morning, it was raining cats and dogs and after a while sometime in the noon, it was burning outside. This suddenly reminded me the documentary I watched on ...

Started by Jason M. in August, about Climate Change

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Do changing lightbulbs really help the environment? 29° (14 replies)

I've heard that high-efficiency bulbs actually contain rather nasty stuff like mercury. Is that true? And if so, which is better, using less electricity or keeping such nasties out of our landfills?

Started by Nick Lewis in June 2008, about Clean Technologies, Energy Saving, Health, Recycling

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Advanced biofuels becoming reality 10° (10 replies)

Advanced biofuels becoming reality with Novozymes’ new enzyme technology, Cellic CTec3, decreases costs and increases yields in production of advanced biofuels from agricultural residues and waste. The enzyme enables cost-efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol and performs 1.5 times better than Novozymes’ previous market-leading product, Cellic CTec2. Using Cellic CTec3, ...

Started by Meng Lian in February 2012, about Biofuels & Alternative Energy

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