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Popularity of Handcrafted Snowboards with Imminent Designs of Customisation 0° (no replies)

In areas covered with snow and in mountain slopes, various sporting enthusiasts are seen skating down the track on snowboards, giving much boost to the game of snowboarding. This particular game is nowadays moving from mountain slopes to the cityscapes, in urban areas, where the handcrafted snowboards are also coming ...

Started by Oliver Smith this week, about Lifestyle & Behavior

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Furniture Online 0° (no replies)

jika ada yang berminat mencari furniture kami siap melayani pemesanan baik itu satuan maupun dalam jumlah besar seperti isi rumah, hotel, restoran maupun toko, untuk informasi produk silahkan klik disini <a href="http://www.mahkotajati.com/" title="Furniture Jepara">Furniture Jepara</a> | <a href="http://www.mahkotajati.com/gazebo-jati/" title="Gazebo Jati">Gazebo Jati</a> | <a href="http://www.mahkotajati.com/gebyok-jati/" title="Gebyok Jati">Gebyok Jati</a> | <a href="http://www.mahkotajati.com/kursi-tamu-jati/" ...

Started by Mahkota Jati this month, about Art & Culture

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Mebel Jepara 0° (no replies)

Anda mencari Toko Furniture Jepara? atau Mebel Jati Jepara? ya kami menyediakan Furniture Minimalis asli dari jepara dari bahan kayu jati, mahoni dan kayu jenis lain. Kami juga menjual Ukiran Jepara dan Toko Online kami adalah Mebel Jepara Murah. Toko Furniture Jepara kami lengkap dengan furniture yang anda inginkan seperti: ...

Started by Mahkota Jati this month, about Art & Culture

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Proven way to reduce fuel consumption by 15% being blacklisted by all major oil companies 4° (4 replies)

Good morning, I apologize for the length of this statement. I have some concrete verifiable information that is truly astounding regarding the stranglehold the oil companies have on new technology to reduce fuel consumption . I just found Celsias via google as I am searching for the correct venue and ...

Started by James D. in July 2013, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Air Quality, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Emissions, Energy Saving, Green energy

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New Gamified Platform For Climate Change Activism - SaveOhno.org 3° (3 replies)

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to create a gamified platform called SaveOhno.org. Its goal is to get more people involved in the climate change issue through gamification. 'Ohno' represents the site visitor's great granddaughter, and the visitor sees her town in peril from the climate change caused from today. It's ...

Started by Dylan Husted last month, about Action, Protest, & Activism

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solar energy 15° (15 replies)

Anyone interested in discussing solar energy and cost effectiveness? I am in Cyprus and looking to start a solar company .Any help out there in the big wide world?

Started by Panicos S. in February 2010, about Solar

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Are you willing to sacrifice? 27° (17 replies)

Change is fundamentally about sacrifice. Whether it's choosing chocolate ice cream or vanilla, when we decide on a course of action we sacrifice alternative options. Faced with climate instability and the social and political turmoil that will result in "staying the course", most everyone who visits Celsias has already decided ...

Started by Andrew Hunt in July 2008, about Climate Change, Consumerism, Economics, Education, Health, Philosophy & Religion, Politics & Government, Travel

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Brewery Staff Clean up Shoreline 3° (3 replies)

The workers at Magor Brewery recently organised a clean-up of the shoreline at Magor Pill and Caldicot. 20 staff members joined the MP for Newport East, Jessica Morden, for the event to celebrate World Environment Day. Alcohol manufacturer AB InBev UK owns the Magor Brewery and has spoken of their ...

Started by Marq P. last month, about Environment & Wildlife

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term query 3° (3 replies)

does anyone know what enviragnostic is? I understand how the term is derived but is it used for/by someone??

Started by Adam R. in November 2010, about Climate Change

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Supporting NIKIMU Project 2° (2 replies)

Hello, I'm writing to let you know about 'Support NIKIMU project'. Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can ...

Started by Iecdaa M. in April 2013, about Agriculture & Food, Climate Change, Finance & Money, Food, Water

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