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Marine Surveying Ft Lauderdale FL 2° (2 replies)

Effective and Accurate Inspections Ft Lauderdale for a right purchase decision If you are need of purchasing a vessel, it is important to conduct a marine survey to understand the overall condition of the vessel. It requires high and professional skills to inspect safety parameters and operating condition of the ...

Started by Brizendine A. yesterday, about Industry & Business

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Future of Fashion - 'DPOL' Green, Ecofriendly and Sustainable 3° (3 replies)

Over the last years there has been a relative rush of books on eco and ethical fashion published across the globe. We think this is an excellent indicator of the public’s awareness of how, what, where and whom produced the clothes in our closets. Sustainable fashion is fashion that is ...

Started by Siddhartha U. in December 2008, about Clean Technologies, Design, Energy Saving, Green energy, Industry & Business, Organic, Recycling

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Helps to decrease the fatty acid. 0° (no replies)

Now there are a number of clinical research which were carried out to be able to exhibiting this Pink Garcinia Cambogia supplement to work and that it lets you do in fact undertake fat loss and that could assist you to supply the defense functionality raise. Garcinia will be thought ...

Started by David K. this week, about Health

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Protect Your Family on the Road 24/7 0° (no replies)

If you are the type of person that believes in keeping your family secure during travel on the road or on a daily basis then you must sign up with <a href="http://www.jermainepleas.com/">Motor Club of America</a>. Why? Like me, I've secured my spot as an member of MCA since it offers ...

Started by Jermaine P. this week, about Children and Families

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Do changing lightbulbs really help the environment? 29° (14 replies)

I've heard that high-efficiency bulbs actually contain rather nasty stuff like mercury. Is that true? And if so, which is better, using less electricity or keeping such nasties out of our landfills?

Started by Nick Lewis in June 2008, about Clean Technologies, Energy Saving, Health, Recycling

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Compelling Massage Therapy At Your Doorstep 0° (no replies)

Group of people, equally youthful and elderly, can get heaps of fitness benefits from such type of treatment. Although it is accurate that the stressed, injured and sick can advantage most from this type of therapy, it can as well be helpful for public who are already fit. This type ...

Started by Salimah N. this week, about Lifestyle & Behavior

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Dazzle your loved ones by gifting them amazing Gift Hampers on their special occasions to make it brighter and happier. 0° (no replies)

In today’s world we are always running behind something. Some people are running for money, or some people for education or some people are running to make their own world a better place for them to live in. This doesn’t mean we will forget our near and dear ones. We ...

Started by Radha R. this week, about Media

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Delight your dear ones on any special day with gifts and hampers 0° (no replies)

It is manifestly right that gift occupies an important place in our social life. It builds our relations with other people very close. We generally exchange and give gift on the some occasions and events like birthday, wedding ceremony, anniversary etc. The selection of gift is an art. You will ...

Started by Lalita S. this week, about Events

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Arctic meltdown is scaring, climate change in progres! 1° (1 reply)

Recently, I travelled to Eastern Europe and I was really surprised to witness two different seasons in the same day. In the morning, it was raining cats and dogs and after a while sometime in the noon, it was burning outside. This suddenly reminded me the documentary I watched on ...

Started by Jason M. last month, about Climate Change

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Advanced biofuels becoming reality 10° (10 replies)

Advanced biofuels becoming reality with Novozymes’ new enzyme technology, Cellic CTec3, decreases costs and increases yields in production of advanced biofuels from agricultural residues and waste. The enzyme enables cost-efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol and performs 1.5 times better than Novozymes’ previous market-leading product, Cellic CTec2. Using Cellic CTec3, ...

Started by Meng Lian in February 2012, about Biofuels & Alternative Energy

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